Heritage Park

Just thought I’d share a sign with you. There is an old farm lot in Coomera which has been knocked down for an aquatic centre. While I never attended the farm itself, I was always intrigued by the rustic sign at the entrance front.

Diary Entry Ten

So, what’s been happening since we spoke last? Well, two podcasts that I had been producing got officially launched. Gold Coast Women of the Year. Hosted by Brooke Stoddart, this five episode podcast series focused on successful business women who have a strong connection with the Gold Coast. You can download the series here via …

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Diary Entry Nine

Why, hello there! Today, I recorded the last podcast for the season for the Gold Coast Women Of The Year by The Gold Coast Bulletin. Over the next few days I’ll be adding the finishing touches and launch it into the world. My creative writing class I did at TAFE was thoroughly entertaining and learnt …

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Diary Entry Eight

Wow. So much for doing daily entries. I think I had too much time on my hands when I did previous entries. A fair bit has happened since my last entry (Entry Seven, obviously), so here’s a brief update. Since late 2018, I’ve been engineering a podcast series for the Gold Coast Bulletin based on their “Women …

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Dear Diary Seven

Whoops! I accidentally let this lapse. I was going to write an entry yesterday, but I couldn’t get around to it. I then thought I will publish an entry in the evening, but same thing – couldn’t get around to it. Yesterday – Tuesday 4th December, we had Russell Ingall come in and co-host breakfast. …

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Diary Entry Six

So, I missed out on an entry on Sunday 2nd December. But with good reason. Actually, I don’t have a good reason. I got lazy. It was my day off. It was hot weather all day. I surfed the interwebs. Did grocery shopping. On Saturday evening we made gingerbread houses. Sunday – munch time. Today …

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