TV Commercial: MIX 106.5 “I Know My Name”

In 2006, I made my one and only acting appearance in a TV commercial for MIX 106.5 FM Sydney.

While I did work at said radio station, I had no idea what the competition was about. One of the staffers was given instructions on recruiting people to appear in the ad, asking for people 30 to 45 age range, preferably female. Out of all the searching to find people available to be paid $150 for a few hours work or standing around and trying to collect fake money falling from the studio ceiling, I was one of the standees. But because I was male and in my mid 20s, I was shoved towards the back… the far back.

The end result was my lanky arms appearing for 1 second around the 17 second mark, popping up behind the presenter at the front.