an inconsistent vlog

I haven’t made a vlog in years, yet alone properly. So, here’s my attempt into getting back into it. I won’t make one daily – but just enough to curb my ethusiasm and creative itch.

Moving On Back

Back in my hometown, and I’m visiting my old local neighbourhood store where I grew up.

I’m now 40, and I used to stand at this counter (well, not THIS exact counter, but the counter that was designed there at the time) when I was 10 years old+ eyeing off the 5c lollies, candy cigarettes, and order $2 worth chips. You used to could rent Sega Master System then.

The Woodbine Neighbourhood Store counter

The original owner / operator was a man with a maltese background called Michael. The store has been running as a mixed business, cooking hot food, groceries that are at full RRP or more, and was at one stage offering video and game rentals. He ran the place when it first was built in the early 1990s.

He sold it after five years to a husband & wife team from Poland (I think), who were in their mid 50s who were going to use the business to retire on. I still remember running up to the store from home as a teenager, needing to buy a bottle of cola. The lady asked me if it was a “Hot or Cold” cola. Confused, she was refering to the fact if I got it out of the fridge or from the shelf. They were charging an extra 30 cents for refrigerated cola. There was another time when I was about ten years, and I wanted to ‘hang out’ with friends without supervision. So I ran to the store with my pocket money and thought to buy a chocolate Bounty for Mum to ‘gift’ to her to suck up. The Bounty was 95c at the supermarket, but they were selling if for $1.10, and all I had was $1 in 20 and 10 cent coins. The lady gave it to me for 90 cents. Sadly, a few years into them running the takeaway store, the husband died of a heart attack. I remember that she ended up running it with her son or nephew, and she was miserable… understandably.

When I moved away from the area in my early 20s, I popped in one day to see an Asian family running it. I haven’t visited for over 20 years, and now after visiting today, an Arabic family are in charge. Going by photos on Google, I think there was another family running the store before them. Every person who I’ve interacted with there are extremely friendly, and I’ve seen it go from VHS / Game rental, to DVD, to just groceries – but always serving various hot foods and fruit / veg grown in the backyard of the store.

FYI – I ordered minimum chips – which is now $5.50, and a pineapple fritter for $2.20. But I’ve never had a ‘double’ fritter before. I’ll take it as a “Welcome back to the neighbourhood”.

Short Audio Story: Make It Last (2019)

In March 2019 I entered a RODE competition to create a two minute podcast about any topic I wanted, in order to win some great podcasting products. (I didn’t win, but I don’t care).

From my brain was “Make It Last” – a two minute feature based on my grandparents. I was lucky enough to have them in my life until my late 30s, and cherished every moment with them.

In 2014, I recorded interviews with them about their experience living during the World War II period. I had some off-cuts, which showed their personalities more than anything. Grandad (Fred), Nanna Shirley and Nanna Hazel got together over a coffee (with assistance from Mum) and they chatted our ears off. Unfortunately Pa (Ron) had passed away in 1991, so I wasn’t lucky enough to record anything from him… even though I was 10 at the time.

Grandad (Fred) passed away in 2016. Nanna Shirley passed away in 2017. Nanna Hazel passed away in 2021.

I love them and miss them, terribly. But I have these recordings which I will cherish forever.

Podcast completion and Jive Beans Promo

Why, hello there!

Today, I recorded the last podcast for the season for the Gold Coast Women Of The Year by The Gold Coast Bulletin. Over the next few days I’ll be adding the finishing touches and launch it into the world.

My creative writing class I did at TAFE was thoroughly entertaining and learnt a fair bit. Expect to see some more confident writing from me in the future.

Over the last week, I’ve helped energize a small business on social media by creating more content to help promote their business. You’ll see it here at Jive Beans Mobile Cafe. Here’s an example of a video promo I created, that cost ZERO $. *No secrets revealed!*


I have more ideas up my sleeve. Stay tuned.

Diary Entry Eight

Wow. So much for doing daily entries. I think I had too much time on my hands when I did previous entries.

A fair bit has happened since my last entry (Entry Seven, obviously), so here’s a brief update.

Since late 2018, I’ve been engineering a podcast series for the Gold Coast Bulletin based on their “Women Of The Year” feature. The first episode was launched today, which you can find on iTunes and Spotify.

I enrolled at TAFE earlier in the year to do a weekend course in Creative Writing. I did the first class last Saturday. I enjoyed it. This Saturday, I’ll be doing the final class. I’m looking forward to it.

Now, I’m up to date.

Dear Diary Seven

Whoops! I accidentally let this lapse. I was going to write an entry yesterday, but I couldn’t get around to it. I then thought I will publish an entry in the evening, but same thing – couldn’t get around to it.

Yesterday – Tuesday 4th December, we had Russell Ingall come in and co-host breakfast.

A new streaming service from Ch 10 / CBS is now available and I naturally got excited. But for some reason my ISP at home does not work for access, which sucks – as I was going to do a review. I’m now in two minds whether to write one up… I’ll think about it.

Last night, I watched an episode of Michael Palin’s travel series where he travels to North Korea. Which reminded me to write this diary entry.

The last few days I have been listening to old Martin/Molloy episodes and feeling inspired on classic sketches and station imaging.

Today, Galey is filling in for breakfast co-host.

14 days until holiday break!

Have a great one.

Diary Entry Six

So, I missed out on an entry on Sunday 2nd December. But with good reason.

Actually, I don’t have a good reason. I got lazy. It was my day off.

It was hot weather all day. I surfed the interwebs. Did grocery shopping. On Saturday evening we made gingerbread houses. Sunday – munch time.

Today – Monday 3rd December, I’m at work, preparing for the Christmas / Holiday imaging session. Madeleine West is sitting in on the breakfast show.

It was hot at 6am this morning. About 27 degrees. I’m regretting wearing jeans. Already feeling warm.

I’ve knocked down an espresso and had a sugar rush by munching on some gingerbread.

Let’s see how today goes!

Diary Entry Five

Wasn’t sure if I was going to write an entry today – especially on a weekend. But I found a small bit of time to do so.

This is my second attempt at writing this entry, and my laptop battery is low. So I’ll make this quick.

It’s Saturday – bought candies and decorations to put on our gingerbread houses while sipping eggnog. It’s the 1st December and already enjoying the festivities!

Relaxed and played Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PS4. Two hours of just walking around on a digital map. I don’t know how people “game” or take it seriously. The game really makes you slow down and appreciate game-playing. Maybe it’s just me being impatient.

Scorching hot outside – couldn’t take the dog for a walk.

Tomorrow, another day of R&R as next week is a busy week with production, which I am looking forward to hitting head on and making some of the best imagery I can churn out. Currently listening to another station’s playlist to get some music ideas. Have noted a few down on my list.

Bring it.

Diary Entry Four

It’s Friday. The end of the working week. I have a lot of production work to do today. Nothing I can’t handle. I’m really looking forward to it.

It’s 7:05am and while I’m having my coffee, I am currently craving a dirty burger for Carl’s Jr for some reason. I’m talking a chunky bit of heart-stopping angus beef burger.

Christmas is less than a month away, I’m looking forward to the holiday break and knock out some PS4 games I’ve been itching to play.

The last few days have been extremely hot, but that’s the Gold Coast weather for you.

nearly didn’t do this diary entry today as I was feeling “meh”, but I’ve pushed on.

An entry is an entry.

My coffee is finished. Back to work!

Stay cool, today.