Champagne Comedy

Named the Champagne Comedy Podcast – each episode unites a handful of regular contributors to this site over the years on Zoom (or what program is available) and discuss fan commentary and observation on each episode, from the very beginning, as well as other projects that Working Dog and the others have worked on.

Join (in alphabetical order) Alison, Anthony, Daniel, Kim, Matt and Prue in a discussion of The Late Show episodes, breaking down jokes and references, and highlighting obscurities since the original broadcast from 1992 onwards.

So if you’re keen on some escapism and think of a time in your life when watching The Late Show on TV was the best thing in the world, please dust off your worn bootleg VHS tape and join us by subscribing to our podcast on your favourite podcast host below!

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This podcast has no direct association with the Working Dog team, the ABC, and Co.