Radio interviews from yesteryear

Between 2004 and 2005, I tried to conduct interviews for my community radio show. Here is a rough playlist of some of the recordings.

The 2004 ARIA Nominations Presentations was a media call-out for the awards, where media got to meet-and-greet the hosts – at the time it was Rove McManus, as well as any music talent that was willing to turn up.

With my brother’s mini disc recorder, I had chats with Rove, Peter HelliarPaul Mac, and Nathan Foley.

Also on this playlist are three interviews for the segment “The Dream Of Being…” where I speak to personalities in regards to how they got to where they are (or were, at the time of the recordings). I recorded about 7 of these, but the 3 I found are of former TV Journalist Christine Spiteri, Author / Model / Socialite Bessie Bardot, and Artist Katthy Cavaliere.