Moving On Back

Back in my hometown, and I’m visiting my old local neighbourhood store where I grew up.

I’m now 40, and I used to stand at this counter (well, not THIS exact counter, but the counter that was designed there at the time) when I was 10 years old+ eyeing off the 5c lollies, candy cigarettes, and order $2 worth chips. You used to could rent Sega Master System then.

The Woodbine Neighbourhood Store counter

The original owner / operator was a man with a maltese background called Michael. The store has been running as a mixed business, cooking hot food, groceries that are at full RRP or more, and was at one stage offering video and game rentals. He ran the place when it first was built in the early 1990s.

He sold it after five years to a husband & wife team from Poland (I think), who were in their mid 50s who were going to use the business to retire on. I still remember running up to the store from home as a teenager, needing to buy a bottle of cola. The lady asked me if it was a “Hot or Cold” cola. Confused, she was refering to the fact if I got it out of the fridge or from the shelf. They were charging an extra 30 cents for refrigerated cola. There was another time when I was about ten years, and I wanted to ‘hang out’ with friends without supervision. So I ran to the store with my pocket money and thought to buy a chocolate Bounty for Mum to ‘gift’ to her to suck up. The Bounty was 95c at the supermarket, but they were selling if for $1.10, and all I had was $1 in 20 and 10 cent coins. The lady gave it to me for 90 cents. Sadly, a few years into them running the takeaway store, the husband died of a heart attack. I remember that she ended up running it with her son or nephew, and she was miserable… understandably.

When I moved away from the area in my early 20s, I popped in one day to see an Asian family running it. I haven’t visited for over 20 years, and now after visiting today, an Arabic family are in charge. Going by photos on Google, I think there was another family running the store before them. Every person who I’ve interacted with there are extremely friendly, and I’ve seen it go from VHS / Game rental, to DVD, to just groceries – but always serving various hot foods and fruit / veg grown in the backyard of the store.

FYI – I ordered minimum chips – which is now $5.50, and a pineapple fritter for $2.20. But I’ve never had a ‘double’ fritter before. I’ll take it as a “Welcome back to the neighbourhood”.

Sydney Vivid Light Festival (2022)

Between May and June, Vivid shines on Sydney.

The festival of light displays visually stunning designs of art on buildings, decor, and other surroundings between the stretch of Ultimo to the Sydney Opera House.

It is best viewed at night – for obvious reasons…

A walk-around of Vivid Sydney festival of light on June 17, 2022. It continues through Barangaroo to the Sydney Opera House, but we stopped at King Street Wharf. Music by myself.

Supanova 2022

Saturday 9th April 2022 I produced a video for My Geek Culture surrounding Supanova – an Australian pop culture expo that tours around the country. This exhibition was held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre.

While my media pass gave me permission to film, I was limited in reaching out to the guests, such as John Jarratt, Josh Lawson, Temuera Morrison and others.

Cosplayers were happy to chat about their costume, with me suggesting a random question.

Video, audio, editing by myself, with assistance from Sam Harris.

Hot Tomato Gold

So… I’ve been very busy lately.

I helped put this new digital station together by creating all the station imaging: Hot Tomato Gold. Streaming online via iHeartRadio and on your DAB radios if you’re based on the Gold Coast.

Part of the press release, available on Mediaweek:

The Hot Tomato Broadcasting Company has announced the launch of Hot Tomato Gold and CADA via DAB+ radio on the Gold Coast, as well as through the iHeart radio app.

Gold Coasters will also be able to listen to 1029 Hot Tomato through their DAB+ radio, waking up with Galey, Emily Jade & Christo for Breakfast and driving home with Moyra and Big Trev weekday afternoons.

Hot Tomato Gold is a new format that will play the Gold Coast’s Greatest Hits from the 60’s to 90’s, putting the Gold back on the Gold Coast.

Intro: Dave McCormack

Making a fancy introduction for Dave McCormack from Custard / Bluey for the breakfast show interview.

It’s nice to hear a positive response live on air from someone who’s awesome music I cranked throughout my high school years.

Champagne Comedy Podcast: Jason Stephens Speaks

As part of the Champagne Comedy Podcast series I produce, my new challenge was to include video with the audio.

D-Generation / The Late Show alumni Jason Stephens joins the Champagne Comedy Podcast for a chat about all things The Late Show. We completely nerd out asking all the fan questions we could think of.

Recorded November 6, 2021.


Produced by Matt Fulton Productions –

Animation by

Nominated Again

The pandemic has taken a toll on many people and the economy, so it’s been a stressful year or two.

However, some light has shone and I’ve been nominated for a ‘Best Achievement In Production’ award for the 2021 Commercial Radio Awards.

I am truly stoked to be part of this line-up – just to be nominated after two years worth of hectic events is truly an honour. This is my third solo nomination, having been nominated in 2017 and 2018 – and was lucky enough to win that year.

The awards were on hold for 2020 due to the pandemic, and delayed for 2021, so the awards night itself will not happen until February 2022. I will share my entry once the event is completed.

For the full list of nominations, click here.

December 2021 UPDATE: The event was cancelled and they announced the winners online at the start of December. Unfortunately I didn’t win, but you can listen to my entry here.

Champagne Comedy Podcast: A Year On In

Late August 2020 was the day the Champagne Comedy Podcast was launched. It was all due to the pandemic, and with Australia in lockdown and isolation, I gathered a few fellow fans of The Late Show to watch and review episodes and make a podcast out of it.

It started as a novelty, and now a year later with more than 20 episodes and specials in the can, it has evolved into interviews and guest reviewers. We expected downloads in the hundreds, but it’s now in the 10s of 1000s.

Here’s a montage of interviews of people who have been involved in the actual TV show, being parodied or contributing in one form or another.