July 2023

Logie Awards (2023)

On behalf of MyGeekCulture.com.au – I attempt to get celebrities to do their best Daryl Somers ‘shocked’ win look at the TV Week Logie Awards.

Located At The Star Sydney, 2023.

Produced and edited by me.

Interview: Director Rodrigo Gudino (2023)

On behalf of MyGeekCulture.com.au, I spoke to Movie Director Rodrigo Gudino about his horror film ‘The Breach’ (2022) based on the story by Nick Cutter, with the film score by Slash of Guns N Roses – thanks to Lightbulb Film Distribution.

Produced and edited by me.

A Dingo Ate My Movie! Podcast guest reviewer (2023)

I was asked to be a guest reviewer for A Dingo Ate My Movie! – a podcast about Australian film and Ozploitation cinema.

The host Peter Icaono knew I was a fan of the schlock horror Houseboat Horror, and as it had recently come out on blu-ray, I naturally said “yes! I will watch it and tell you too much about it!”.

The following is the result:

A Dingo Ate My Movie! is available on your favourite podcast platform.