July 2020

Interview with Tim Ferguson

In 2013 I had to conduct a series of recordings for MIX 106.3’s digital radio station ‘Canberra 100‘, created to promote 100 years since the birth of Australia’s capital.

One of these recordings was to speak to personalities of Canberra, so I reached out to Tim Ferguson – a TV personality and comedian who is part of a comedy trio The Doug Anthony All-Stars that got their start in the heart of Canberra’s CBD.

Out of the 30 minute raw chat, only 45 seconds of it got used for a radio vignette. But I kept the interview, thinking I could re-use it one day. Over the years and many portable hard drives later, I thought I had completely lost the file until I found it one weekend.

It was good enough to tweak it a tiny bit (remove dated references of upcoming books that have now been published) and I released it through My Geek Culture.


Podcast Archive: The Nik and Stew Variety Hour (2011)

In 2011, Nik Stuart and Stewart Howard hosted a comedy podcast full of discussion, interviews, and odd-ball sketches, and produced by Matt Fulton.

Called The Nik & Stew Variety Hour, the 20 minute average length podcast was heavily produced and designed to listen to on the train or drive to and from work.

Video was also filmed for small stunts that were mentioned in the show, along with its own website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Season One was a podcast-only show consisting of eight episodes.

Season Two became a live late night show on B105 Brisbane, and ran for five episodes.

The show ended as the team became involved in other projects.