US diAry Entry 17 – Day 15

I’m not sure what it is, but I think I’m feeling the pinch. The pinch being I’m kind of missing home a bit. Only because I’m sick of flying and I just want a day where I can stay in my room and do nothing. When you’re in a hotel room, you have no choice. If you’re indoors, you are wasting time and you should be exploring. Or the fact I’m missing Kelly.

Our last full day in San Fran was exhausting. We did the stupid thing and walked to Alamo Square Park. What’s so good about this place?

Other than the houses in the background (they’re called The Painted Ladies), it’s the scenic spot for the opening credits of Full House, where they have their picnic. It’s also the spot where Charlie (Mike Myers) breaks up with Harriet (Nancy Travis) in So I Married An Axe Murderer. And it may have appeared an many other movies and shows that are based in San Fran. The walk took us just under an hour to do, walking through some seedy areas. The lingering fog made us cold, but the jumpers kept us warm.

We got back to the hotel and reassessed the next spot – Lombard Street. Famous for being all zig-zaggy. We attempted 5 times to catch the tram there, but it was full so many times. We walked up and down the hilly streets, and half hour later, we were there.

We were pretty much fatigued, so we climbed up the hill and took a tram back, which was an interesting ride. You have to hold on to your dear life while the controller slammed on the handbrakes every 10 seconds. It was 3:30pm by the time we got back, so we passed out and woke up at 6pm to have dinner and watch Harry Potter on tv.

Next stop – LA!

Location:W Field Rd,San Francisco,United States