Month: July 2011

US diAry Entry 13 – Day 8

My eye was good to me today, and we hit the other side of Universal Studios – home of Jaws, Men In Black, ET, Shrek, Twister, The Mummy, and The Simpsons.

We hit the park at 7am, only to discover it doesn’t open until 9am. So after hovering around for 2 hours, we hit the entrance, and strolled to the reason why I was going in the first place – The Simpsons.

An entertaining ride, it has a few minutes of especially made animation that you’ll only see with the ride, in true Simpsons fashion humor. Once in, you’re on a virtual rollercoaster that has a huge screen surrounding you, while the cartoon is the computer animated style – similar to the Halloween Homer episode. The ride lasts for about 3 fun minutes. It gave me a kick!

Then there was the merchandise store…

I had to refrain from making many purchases, so I stuck with a t-shirt. Not for me either! 😉

After a few miserable days of weathers today turned out hot an beautiful. We went on all the other rides, especially the Rock It Roller coaster, which goes directly up at the beginning. You can also choose a song for your adrenaline rush from their playlist (Motley Crüe – Kickstart My Heart was my choice) and then you were off and riding.

After riding the rest of the rides, we came to the Blues Brothers show. Only 4-5 songs were done, but they were more of a mashup that lasted 10 minutes. I was excited to see this baby:

By the time we did the park rounds twice, it was 3pm and we were hot and bothered, so we went back to the hotel and hit the pool area. After floating around on a few pool noodles with acoustic music playing in the background, it was then it soaked in that I was on holiday (or vacation – as USA calls it). Tonight, we’re off to Disneyland/world to have dinner at the rainforest cafe, which is apparently quite breath-taking, according to Reece.

I have video footage to chop up, but I’m lazy…

Location:Hollywood Way,Orlando,United States

US diAry Entry 12 – Day 7

More really of an update of previous post. Not much has happened. I got the all clear from the hospital (praising travel insurance!) and left at 4am with eye drops. Meant to last me 5 days.

The “neighbour” in the ward recognized I’m from Australia and said how the USA misses Steve Irwin and to ‘say hello to the Queen for me!’… Whatever that means. Also, the nurse was amusing – cracking jokes a la Scrubs style such as:
“3 guys going to Vegas? Make sure you don’t spend your bail money! Hahaha!” before he administered the painkiller to numb my infected eye. After signing all the contracts for the travel insurance, I thanked Orlando hospital and went on my way back to the hotel to rest.

During the day, Reece and Pete disappeared into the theme parks while I rested in the hotel room. I didn’t get out of bed until 11am to clothes wash in the laundry. I feel much better with refreshed clothing. I only packed for a week.

It also seemed I wasn’t destined to go on the rides. By 1pm, a lightning thunderstorm rolled I’m, rattling the TV reception (screw you wearer for ruining my free HBO damn it!) So, here are 2 highlights of my day:

The fountain in the middle of the foyer

The free iceblock .. Or … “Popsicle”, colour cliched, given out in the lobby.

My eye doesn’t hurt as much, but is still red and swollen, so a good nights rest for me is on the cards, so I can ride The Simpsons Ride tomorrow. If not, I’m going to be pissed off.

Adios for now…

Location:Hollywood Way,Orlando,United States

US diAry Entry 11 – Day 6

Here’s a brief update from me, as my next day in Orlando is pretty useless.

The day we were leaving NY, I copped a minor eye infection from the pollution and dirt in the air. So I used regular Visine eyedrops. All good and well.

The next day, my eye flared up in itchiness. More eye drops. Go on the rides at Universal Studios. My eye eased up a little until lunch time, when it wouldn’t stop watering. I went back to the hotel room to put eyedrops in and sleep it off. Reece and Pete came back and I asked them to check the concierge for any doctors that do house calls. I got the doctor’s details, and they checked in at 10:45pm.

“you don’t have conjunctivitis, but you should go to the hospital. Your iris may be swollen and you could lose your vision.”

Oh great… So the hotel organizes a taxi to Orlando Hospital. Have you ever used your travel insurance before while traveling abroad? Well, I’m about to use it. The in-house doctor charged $321, so we’ll see how this hospital trip goes.


Location:Brandon Cir,Orlando,United States