I cannot think of a Diary entry title

I’m encouraging myself to write something today because while there is nothing majorly eventual that has happened today (since I am writing this in the morning, it’s only the beginning of the day), the saying goes “It takes 14 days to make a habit”. Today is only the second day at online diary keeping.

In regards to yesterday’s diary entry about going to purchase a physical diary to write in, I realise I have a bunch of notepads floating around. Especially ones that I received one year for a birthday gift by my old high school mate, Kris. They were inspired by funny pamphlets and satirical videos in The Simpsons.  Like this one: Greatest Sport Injuries. I keep it for work notes, ideas and scribbles in my backpack.

Today there was a car incident on the motorway, which happened right next to the motorway entry ramp. At first it wasn’t affecting my travel to work at 5:45am, but it affected everyone else who was travelling to work, or school, or holidays, or a job interview, or to grab a coffee. Turns out it was a stolen car that two morons decided to take a joyride, crashed it and ran off. Their 30 seconds of thrill cost the Gold Coast economy lots of money and made a heap of people grumpy. Especially on the worst day of the week – Wednesday. Hump Day. The make-or-break day.

Again at work, Andrew Winter from Selling Houses Australia  and Love It Or List It Australia is co-hosting the breakfast show while work’s main talent Flan is on long-service leave. I have a schedule, or a timeline – in front of me on what my next few weeks hold work / production-wise. As I will be on christmas / new years break from the 20th of December, there may be a lot on the document, but I’ll be able to cut through it like a hot knife to butter once the ball is rolling.

Depending on my time-frame today, I might even squeeze in a royalty-free production song. If not, I will make sure I get one finalised by the end of the week. My goal is do create one song a week and unleash it online for the world to hear, if they want a cheap tune for their podcast or community radio show. Just another channel to express my creativity.

I’m onto my second coffee now, so I’m ready to hit today head-on, and looking forward to tomorrow’s diary entry.

Enjoy your day.