I might as well start with ‘Diary Entry’ number 3

Forcing myself to write a diary entry this morning. I didn’t have a good night’s sleep. I was up watching and researching the ARIAs being shown on TV for some production elements. Australian music has evolved so much. It doesn’t mean it’s bad, but doesn’t mean it’s good either. It’s evolution, plus my tastes have changed.

Feeling a little anxious as my list of many things to put together is increasing, but I look at it this way: it’s keeping me busy. It’ll pay off, especially when the holiday period is around the corner. But I’ve got this. Blink, and everything will be complete.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate is in the office building today, sitting in for the breakfast show. While I do not agree with his political choices, he comes across as a decent guy.

I’ve had my first coffee of the day – using the Espresso capsule. I need the extra hit as I think I’ve become immune to the basic brown colour.

This may be a short diary entry, but the point being is that I made an entry. It took me a 5 minute coffee break to type this up, so it’s worth it.

See you tomorrow.