US diAry Entry 14 – Day 9

Oh, hello!

Today was our last day in Orlando. Our check-out time wasn’t until 11am, so we slept in until 8am. Our actual wake up time for the last few days was 5am, so it was great to exploit our check-out time. We did some laundry, before we packed our bags and moved everything into the lobby.

After leaving our items at reception, we casually walked to CityWalk again, in the hot sun. It was about 11:20am, so we killed time and saw The Green Lantern. Time to pick the most interesting chocolates… Cookie dough bites!

It wasn’t the biggest and best comic book movie, but terrific CGI. 3/5. That was followed by lunch at NASCAR theme restaurant, where we chewed down the burgers and drank the beer until 2:45pm.

With more time to kill, we headed to the games room and wasted $10 on arcade games. Next thing you know, 4:30pm came and our taxi was waiting. Now, we sit at Orlando and wait… For VEGAS!

Location:Jeff Fuqua Blvd,Orlando,United States