US diAry Entry 15 – Day 10 to 13

I’ve had to cram in the Vegas trip into this one post due to lack of wifi where we are/were staying. This could the beginning of a whining entry…

After touching down in Vegas at 9:45pm at night, after a 4 hour flight from Orlando, we caught the taxi to Worldmark Resort in South Las Vegas Blvd. Our “room” was huge! I should change “room” to more of an apartment/unit in this place. 2 large rooms, full kitchen, combined lounge/dining area. With built in laundry and 3 bathrooms. Score!

However, it’s so far south of the strip, there’s an hourly courtesy bus which crams in the entire resort in. The bus trip takes 15-20 mins to get there. If we walked, it would take about 1 & 1/2 hours in the desert.

Our first day, we travelled in and checked out the area. All the well known casino names were there: New York New York, Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, MGM Grand, Excalibur, Luxor etc…

That night, we checked out a burlesque show at Luxor. A basic show costs about $65. On the way there, there were a shitload of people standing on the footpath, keeping their mouth shut, flicking their hand with a card and trying to hand them to you. Due to strict laws on prostitution, there’s only promoters handing out call-girl cards for women “desperately wanting to meet” us. You give those people the same courtesy as you would do in New York – ignore them. They get it all the time. Don’t even acknowledge they are there.

As we were there during the day, the Bellagio puts on a fountain display every hour. Every man and his dog stood in front of this water fountain to catch the display shooting water out in sync with a classic croon tune that Vegas is known for.

For dinner – decision making was hard, not what to have, but where to have it. Vegas is a cesspool to buffet restaurants. Depending where you go, there’s buffets ranging from $20 to $35 for all you can eat. The first night out on the strip, we hit the buffet at The Luxor for $20 each. It wasn’t bad either.

Our second night involved David Copperfield at MGM. He was pretty cool, but he looked like he was tired and was so sick of doing the same routine over and over again. Unfortunately I worked out one of his illusions as we were down front. He was entertaining though and funny.

Our last day, we walked to the Stratosphere. (desert – big mistake). We went to the observation deck and checked out the view.

Reece and I also rode the xScream, which works like a see-saw over the edge of the deck, so we hang over the side for about 10 seconds each time. It wasn’t as nerve racking as one thought.

Our last night was all about Blue Man Group at the Venetian.

It was a part show, party concert. We had the front row poncho seats and were splattered lightly by Twinkie custard and non-toxic paint while wearing the ponchos. But we got stuck when it came to playing the song “Last Train To Transcentral” by KLF. There was recycled paper everywhere. And where did it end up?

The 1 & 1/2 hour show was phenomenal and brilliant. Even the meet and greet was wicked.

I couldn’t have been a more happier man.

Off to San Francisco now!

Location:W Oquendo Rd,Las Vegas,United States