US diAry Entry 20 – Day 18

Is it over yet?


First thing – up for free breakfast, then prepared ourselves for Warner Bros Studio Tour in Burbank at 9:40am. We were greeted by our tour guide who showed us a 10 minute movie about the history of Warner Bros. We then ventured onwards in tour carts to the Backlot, where our guide showed where some movies were filmed in what sections. My favorite was seeing the building from The Mask – one of my favs. Stanley Ipkiss’s apartment:

Look Ma! I’m roadkill! ha ha HA!

The area where a scene from Goldmember where they wedge the Mini under the Godzilla display:

The Cuban Pete scene from The Mask

The cinema from Drew Carey Show where they do the Rocky Horror Tribute

And a few of the cars…


And the Daily Planet from Lois & Clark

Afterwards, we headed to CBS studios for The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. The episode we sat in was with Julie Chen (the host of US Big Brother), & Joss Stone.

We had 2 nutbag taxi drivers, and both nearly had 4 car accidents in total, just trying to get to and from our locations that were 10 minutes away. We made it to our hotel safely…

Tomorrow, KIIS FM tour.

Location:Franklin Ave,Los Angeles,United States