US diAry Entry 21 – Day 19

Today, I got my nerd on and we headed to KIIS FM – hope of Ryan Seacrest.

That’s not the reason why we went, though. Honest.

Because of my radio passion, we ventured there for a tour. 5 radio stations in the one building. They also have views of NBC Burbank, Disney, and the hillside where Michael Jackson is buried.

We went for another walk along Hollywood Blvd to check more stars.

And found the head office for Capitol Records

We headed to the store, grabbed a 12 pack Heineken, and survived the walk down Hollywood Blvd without being robbed or murdered. Phew. We then jumped in the hotel pool to cool down.

Tomorrow – an unplanned trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain!

Location:N Sycamore Ave,Los Angeles,United States