US diAry Entry 23 – Day 21

Oh, did I forget to do an entry?

Well, we’re back in Australia. Sydney, presently. The last 2 days of LA and the US was a whirlwind.
On the verge of running out of coin, we kept it simple:
The most expensive seats to see Harry Potter Part 2.
The cinemas have a seating system called “D-Box”. It’s motionesque type seating where if there was an explosion, the chair shook. If there was flying, the chair tilted. Etc…
It was nearly as close to a massage as you could get. The cinema wasn’t packed, but when we went back later on that evening, the entrance was filled with Harry Potter characters.

After the film, we walked a little more up and down the stretch and saw more stars.

On the final day – we had nothing planned, so we checked out X-Men: 1st Class. Afterwards, more walking until we exhausted ourselves. We then went to the motel and waited for our airport shuttle to arrive. But Reece had an ace up his sleeve…

The bastard ordered a limo! So we went to LAX in style.
Just before we boarded, Pete felt queasy & was ill in the bathroom. He recovered enough to get on the plane. Upon arriving home, we were informed Pete’s dog, Sally, passed away a few hours beforehand. She was 14 yrs old.

So I’m dedicating the trip to my Aunt Cheryl (she helped with the flights and we saw Copperfield on her behalf. She passed away 2 & 1/2 months before we flew), and our beautiful dog, Sally.

We miss you both so much. XXX

Location:Taber St,Menangle Park,Australia