TV Commercial: MIX 106.5 “I Know My Name”

In 2006, I made my one and only acting appearance in a TV commercial for MIX 106.5 FM Sydney.

While I did work at said radio station, I had no idea what the competition was about. One of the staffers was given instructions on recruiting people to appear in the ad, asking for people 30 to 45 age range, preferably female. Out of all the searching to find people available to be paid $150 for a few hours work or standing around and trying to collect fake money falling from the studio ceiling, I was one of the standees. But because I was male and in my mid 20s, I was shoved towards the back… the far back.

The end result was my lanky arms appearing for 1 second around the 17 second mark, popping up behind the presenter at the front.

Radio interviews from yesteryear

Between 2004 and 2005, I tried to conduct interviews for my community radio show. Here is a rough playlist of some of the recordings.

The 2004 ARIA Nominations Presentations was a media call-out for the awards, where media got to meet-and-greet the hosts – at the time it was Rove McManus, as well as any music talent that was willing to turn up.

With my brother’s mini disc recorder, I had chats with Rove, Peter HelliarPaul Mac, and Nathan Foley.

Also on this playlist are three interviews for the segment “The Dream Of Being…” where I speak to personalities in regards to how they got to where they are (or were, at the time of the recordings). I recorded about 7 of these, but the 3 I found are of former TV Journalist Christine Spiteri, Author / Model / Socialite Bessie Bardot, and Artist Katthy Cavaliere.

Segment – The Dream Of Being

One of my early attempts at interviewing personalities. “The Dream Of Being…” was a radio segment on the community radio show I had in the early 2000s, which I interviewed guests to find out how they got to where they were (at the time).

I recorded about eight of these interviews, (TV Journalist Christine Spiteri, Model and Author Bessie Bardot, Model and TV personality Geoff Barker, Artist Katthy Cavaliere, Radio Announcer Kip Wightman, Music Producer Jimmy Z, Newspaper Journalist Peita Waide, Councillor Fred Borg) but could only find three of them.

Christine Spiteri

Christine Spiteri was a News and TV Journalist Reporter who spoke about her working history.


Bessie Bardot

Bessie Bardot spoke about her working history as a model, author and media personality.


Katthy Cavaliere

Katthy Cavaliere was an artist of various techniques – photography, performance, installation, site-specific projects and drawing. Upon finding this audio, I discovered Katthy passed away in 2012. Recorded in 2005, for her installation “Katthy’s Room” at Campbelltown Arts Centre.

First commercial radio shift – The Edge 96.1 – 2005

As someone who for years has been eager to get into commercial radio and be an announcer, I had the opportunity in 2005 on Sydney’s The Edge 96.1.

In 2005, I was studying at AFTRS in North Ryde, and in February 2005 I scored my ‘foot in the door’ job at the Australian Radio Network, Sydney. It was the first role in Production for me – the ‘Cart Boy’ – loading commercials into the system for the network. I became known as “Matt The Cart Boy”.

The Edge were doing a gimmick at the 9am hour Monday to Friday by inviting a staff member to do an hour shift a day. I was lucky enough to have a go. What a thrill ride it was.

2004 ARIA Award Nomination Media Event

One of my early attempts at interviewing personalities. I attended the 2004 ARIA Award Nominations Presentation in Sydney and tried to interview guests and stars (and suppressing my nerves).

Here are a few of the ‘voxpop’ interviews that I could find – sadly most of them were wiped from my mini disc.

Rove McManus


Paul Mac


Peter Helliar


Nathan Foley from Hi-5